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SureFit Methodology

Unlike most staffing agencies, which do not follow a consistent screening process; our SureFitâ„¢ process utilizes DiscoverFit, SkillFit and QualityFit steps to provide our customers access to a broad array of skilled and knowledgeable craftsmen and safety professionals ideally suited for client projects.


You need skilled laborers who "fit" with your team, who bring specific technical knowledge and the abilities to help you complete your projects. Our DiscoverFit process ensures we ask the right questions helping us learn about your culture, technical environment and your team to provide us the knowledge we require to provide the expert resources to help you succeed. DiscoverFit is where we:

  • Learn about your business, clients you service and environment
  • Conduct a Cultural Analysis; learn about the culture of the company and what type of consultant works best for your company
  • Discuss Projects and resourcing challenges; what are the goals, ongoing and upcoming projects and the staff mix desired


RP Skilled Services understands that projects are not the same, neither is the type of skilled resource required for every project the same. Our SureFit process assists us in conducting a project and technical needs analysis for projects our clients seek assistance on. This analysis helps ensure we provide you a skilled laborer that possesses the exact skills you desire

  • Conduct a Project Analysis: Determine the reason for the resource need, how long the project is projected to run.
  • Determine Qualifications Analysis: What are the specific skills, certifications, and years' experience required.
  • Discuss how soon resources should be presented, travel and other job specific expectations and feedback on completed assignments.


How did we perform? Is the resource working out as you expected? What could we have done better? These are the questions our QualityFit is designed to help us answer. We utilize regular discussions with our clients, formalized periodic reviews and annual surveys, to proactively identify issues and create solutions that ensure we continually meet your desires.

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